EZ Website Monitoring is in Beta Testing, which means, you get the service for free. But there's a catch. In exchange for us giving you free website monitoring for 6 months, you have to give us feedback. Once a week is great. We think it's a pretty good deal.

Please note that not all applications will be accepted. All applications will be reviewed within 3 business days.

If you agree to the terms, please give us a little information so we can start monitoring your website:

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EZ Website Monitoring allows you to track keywords, pagerank, and other sites linking to you and your competitors.

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Which features are most important to you?
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  • Monitoring Uptime
  • Tracking Web Site Speed
  • Weekly Checking for Errors
  • Tracking My Keyword Rankings
  • Tracking Competitors Keyword Rankings
  • Monitoring Google PageRank
  • Monitoring Alexa Traffic Rank
  • Monitoring Inbound Links
  • Being able to track multiple domains with a single login