Easy Website Monitoring for Website Owners, Marketers, and Agencies

Uptime, Keyword, & Popularity MonitoringOur goal was simple; create a website monitoring tool that constantly monitors uptime and quality, search engine rankings, and popularity, and tell us when something is wrong. It's a complicated problem that we have solved by rolling several solutions into one easy to use, comprehensive report.

Website owners will love the all-in-one aspect that gives them peace of mind and a constant snapshot of how their site is performing. Internet marketers will appreciate the comprehensive keyword tracking capabilities and the deep understanding they will get from the range of popularity measurements we provide. Internet Marketing Agencies will appreciate the how easy it is to keep track of dozens of websites in one tool, giving your clients and staff fast access to key website quality and performance reporting.


Redundant, Scalable Monitoring Technology

The technology we use ensures our system continues running regardless of outages. Our system places all requests in multiple queues, sending them to our multiple monitoring servers. If for some reason a particular monitoring server is unavailable, the request will instantly re-queue to another available server. Our servers are spread out geographically and are located on different networks to both minimize the impact of outages and keep response times high. We have built the monitoring network to be scalable fast, literally allowing us to add servers within hours.

Monitoring Network


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