Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring makes sure your site is available and responding. If your website is down, then your customers or potential customers cannot get to your website, causing you to potentially lose valuable business. After all the time, effort, and money you have put into your web presence, you want it to always be there and working for you. Additionally, search engines are constantly crawling the Internet to index and re-index quality websites to include in their search results. If your website isn’t there, it will certainly affect your search engine rankings, and possibly even cause you to get dropped from results.


  • Always know your website is responding
  • Get notified if your site is down
  • Print or email outage reports in seconds
  • Tests every 5 minutes from one of several locations

There are a number of things that can cause a website to be down, and it happens more often that you may think. There are numerous pieces of networking equipment that a browser has to go through to get to your website. There are also several things that can go wrong with your web hosting server, either hardware or software related. Monitoring your website is crucial to protect your online business.

How it works:

Our system will test that your website is there and responding every 5 minutes, from servers in 3 or more locations.Your current Monthly Uptime Percentage will appear on the top left of your monitoring report: If your website does not respond, we will email you with basic information on the outage, including the time, the problem we detected (if known), and a Traceroute report to help you diagnose where the issue is. Outages are logged for reporting purposes, so you can view outage reports and email or print them to give to others.

Uptime Monitoring


To view a 24 month chart of outages along with information on individual outages, click on View History: Clicking on Print or Email gives you a handy way to share the report with your webmaster.

Uptime History


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