Free Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Our uptime monitoring will monitor your website every 5 minutes, from multiple locations, to ensure it's always working for you.

Free Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring

Is your website loading slow? Are there errors on your web pages? Now you can relax knowing we are testing your website weekly.

Free Keyword Tracking

Keyword Tracking

Use our keyword tracker to see where you rank for multiple keywords, in the top 3 search engines, AND track your competitors at the same time.

Free Popularity Monitoring

Popularity Monitoring

Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, inbound links... it all matters if your want great rankings, and we show it all to you in one place.

Historical Graphs

Historical Graphs

Access historical uptime reports, quality reports, keyword rankings reports, and more. Track and watch your imrovement and share with others.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

Never miss an important change again! Instantly when there is trouble, and keep track of important changes with weekly reports.