Website Popularity Monitoring

Website Popularity Monitoring measures your popularity in the search engines by tracking Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Google Inbound Links, Yahoo Inbound Links, and mozRank. Monitoring your Google Page Rank, inbound links, etc. helps you to know how well your search engine optimization is going. Tracking these measurements versus your competition gives you excellent insight into your strengths and weaknesses. For example, you can see immediately how many inbound Google links versus your competitor, giving you immediate areas for improvement if you have 10 inbound links and they have 1000.


  • Easily see the key measurements that affect your search engine rankings in one place
  • Track your popularity side-by-side with your competitors
  • Easily make decisions on where to put your optimization efforts
  • View up to a year of historical data for you and your competitors

How it works: Our servers pull data in from Google, Alexa, Yahoo, and seoMoz each week. Our report shows you up/down movement on a weekly basis, and our animated graphs allow you to see historical trends for the last 30 weeks. Data is available for both your site and your competitors.

Website Popularity Monitoring


View up to 1 year of history for you or your competitors. Watch trends, track changes weekly, and always know how your site is doing.

Website Popularity Monitoring


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